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10 great tips to shoot awesome landscapes

1. Scale. Use other objects, people or animals to give 
a sense of scaleand convey the grandeur of the landscape.
2. Research. Before you set out to shoot do your research about the
location. This will help you avoid pitfalls and get what you are looking for.
3. Conceptulise. Rather shooting one off image think if there is a 
theme, a phrase or a story that you wish to capture.
4. Use different shutter speeds. While shooting always try
to experiment with the shutter speed.
5. Repetition.Look for repeating elements around the place.
For example a row of trees, a field of sunflowers or patterns on the rock.
6. Use colour as a magic tool. Colour can create absolute magic. You can
always tell story's using colours, Be it with colour harmony or contrast.
7. Give a personal touch to images. Always get inspired by the masters
like Ansel Adams.Try to learn the way they compose images.
8. Create depth of field. Using foreground, middle ground and
background create an illusion by varying the depth in your image.
9. Reflections.Using Reflections can be an amazing experience
especially in the early morning light and late evenings.
10. Better to keep horizons straight. Before shooting ensure
that the horizon is perfectly straight. Because tilting the image later
can reduce the size of image and can lead to loss of information.


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